CZT Fitness System Machines™

Efficient - Take less time per workout session, use less valuable floor space, and get more out of one machine instead of purchasing an entire line of machines.
Effective - Provides optimal motorized resistance for maximal concentric and eccentric loading.  User or supervisor controlled.
Safe - Eliminate risk of dropping weights, controlled motor speed and turn arounds reduce force on joints, and equipped with safety shut-off switch and supervisor controller.
Patented Technology - Proprietary system uses smooth motorized resistance, LCD touchscreen computer, logical screen selections, and stores user data.
Return on Investment - More sessions per hour, less staff training and skills required, minimize overhead by decreasing rent, heating, cooling, and floor space.

CZT-V (Vertical Axis Machine)           CZT-H (Horizontal Axis Machine)               CZT-Core

Contact us to find out how you can try the CZT Fitness System Machines™ for yourself.  You will then understand the uniqueness, benefits, power, and impact of these machines.
CZT Fitness System Machines™